The ‘Tooth’ Will Out

My son has been adding up the money that he feels entitled to, for the minor chores that he has been doing around the house, so we had to break it to him that we won’t be paying him any money, primarily because of his rent-free status.

So both he and his sister have become enamored with the tooth fairy. Both don’t mind losing a tooth or two because they know that a lost tooth means some filler for the piggy bank. My daughter actually tries to coax the tooth out of her mouth before it is quite ready  – so eager is she for the spoils that will follow.

No money here

No money here

But have you noticed how inflation has affected the amount that the tooth fairy now has to leave under the pillow? When I was younger, a dollar was paper money and not the coin that it now is, so she could’ve gotten away with leaving one or two of them, but since candy costs a little more these days, and the coins can easily get lost in the bedclothes, she has had to move up to a five dollar bill.

Sometimes, because of the numerous visits that the nebulous lady has to make during the night, there will be one morning when the pillow is raised and the tooth is still there – without any money. In order to quell the disappointment, I explain that she probably had a busy night. So we take up the tooth and return it at bedtime; and I make sure that she, of the gossamer wings, doesn’t forget again.

Once, when we attempted to replace the tooth for the second night in a row, neither my daughter nor I, could find it. Nonetheless, I assured her that the fairy would probably find the lost tooth wherever it was. So the next morning, she found what she was looking for under her pillow.

Mo' money

Mo’ money

I happened to mention to my son that we couldn’t find the tooth the night before, and he informed me that he had put the tooth away in the drawer – for safekeeping. I dashed madly to retrieve it before my daughter came back into the room and flung the tooth as far away as possible, averting my eyes from my son as I did so.

He is a few years older than his sister and is beginning to question the fairy tale. Nevertheless, just like the money for gas or groceries, we continue to budget for lost teeth.


Am I talking to myself here?

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