Are You Gonna Tweet That?

birdphotAs if there aren’t enough avenues to communicate with people we know, gaining popularity in my neck of the woods (but old hat in others), is another vehicle that allows us to correspond with a lot of people we don’t know anything about. And it doesn’t matter how mundane, pedestrian, unkind or taboo. We are becoming very comfortable with putting just about everything out there. Doesn’t matter who’s looking.

Tweeting has become the medium of choice for showing people what we’re up to, or – let’s face it – for telling people all about our business. It’s very popular with celebrities who are followed by those of us who are less famous and it’s making Facebook (and its proclivity to attract potential employers), seem so passé.

I suppose most like it because of the fact that you can use fewer words or characters to express your thoughts. This need for brevity fits right in with the way we communicate these days when we message or text, by using the abbreviations and acronyms that fit our quick download lifestyles.

As a consequence, most tweeters keep it short and sweet or whittled down and witty, but some have no problem doing concise and cruel. And unlike Facebook and Instagram where the poster wants to be known to his ‘friends’ or ‘followers’, if there’s no notoriety, people who tweet can decide to remain anonymous. There’s a bully in every class isn’t there? And a coward too.

Tweeting is perfect for giving blow by blow commentary of an event – if it’s interesting. And therein lies the rub. Similar to the other social network platforms, tweeters thrive on giving status updates, so the medium is full of users who have absolutely nothing to say. Or users who are convinced that everybody’s interested in where they are or what they’re doing today (oh yeah, same people).

And then there are the users who send ‘selfies’ – pictures taken by the man, who wants the world to know how he really looks without his shirt on. Or the woman who shows off her post-baby body, or her latest blinged out manicure. I don’t mean to be macabre, but pretty soon they’re going to be able to call any one of us to identify the body.

But even though pictures may be worth a thousand of them, words still rule the day, because some people take careful aim with them, and if the target rises to the occasion, accommodates what’s called a twitter war. And if you are following any of those persons, you too can be on the front lines.

Some people ask why we don’t call each other anymore and settle our differences face to face without everybody else having to know about it; but with our commitment to full disclosure these days, it’s clear that a battle isn’t nearly worth fighting if there isn’t anybody watching.


Am I talking to myself here?

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