Prank Callers

Seems like I’ve been out of the dating game for too long, because I don’t know how to recognize a phone trawler when I see (or hear) one. You know, those people who go through their partner’s cell phone log looking for numbers they don’t recognize and then calling them up? Or, as in my case, returning a call missed from the phone of the significant other?

The person I was with clued me in on the technique, and asked disparagingly if I didn’t realize what I had fallen victim to. My daily routine at work involves recording phone numbers in order to contact customers, so some numbers, especially when digits are repeated, tend to seem vaguely familiar.

So there I was, answering a call from a number that was not in my address book, and being asked whether I had made a call to a certain number from the phone I was answering. I hadn’t made any cell phone calls that day, so I answered in the negative. Not satisfied, the female then asked for my name, which I gave, since I didn’t have anything to hide. She obviously knew someone who had a first name like mine (on a small island, we almost know everybody else), but when the surnames didn’t match, she abandoned that line of questioning.

By then, I’d had enough, but leaving cluelessness behind and nearing disbelief, I ended the call. It was at this point that someone remarked that if a person had to go through the phone of his or her partner and then spend time making calls to determine what relationship the partner has with those callers, then maybe it was time to end that relationship.

I recall that when I was a teenager, there was a prank that involved calling random numbers and making certain requests. In one, you identified yourself as a worker from the utility company and you would ask the person on the other end of the line, if her refrigerator was running. If she answered “yes”, you would tell her to run after it. Seemed funny at the time, but most of us would’ve graduated from such childish pursuits.

It turned out that I had dialed the number – well, my “butt” had – meaning, it happened accidentally. Earlier, I had searched my directory for a tradesman’s contact number, made the call from a land line, but neglected to close the directory. So when the interrogatory call was finished, I saw why the number seemed familiar. The reasons why the person did not make the call to me from that phone are numerous – and hoping to spring a surprise is probably one of them.

I now have a new number listed in my phone. Contact name: Miss Trust.



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