Wedding Gift Registries – the good, the bad and the unwanted

Years before I was even interested in leaving my mothers’ house, I had thought that the idea of telling people what they should buy as a wedding gift was a little presumptuous. Maybe that’s why some people turn up empty-handed anyway. But when my turn came, I thought that it wasn’t so much forward as forward-thinking, because, face it. Who doesn’t need a little help getting her household together?

The idea of the gift registry was seen as a way of helping a new, usually young, couple to amass fairly quickly most of the items that would be needed for setting up house. So kitchen utensils, cutlery, sheet sets and glassware are typical presents. In the last several years, a lot of the couples are older and may already have been living on their own, but who can’t use an updated toaster and some new bath mats?

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So although I live here, and my aunt’s sister-in-law’s daughter’s wedding is in another country, that doesn’t make me exempt. Although I can’t be there, the couple won’t want me to feel left out, so they allow me to choose a gift from an online registry. And I don’t have to worry – they’ll pick it up. However, if I do travel, this thoughtful convenience allows me to walk in to the reception with my conscience clear and my two hands swinging free.

But every wedding has a guest who sees the registry items as mere suggestions to give whatever he wants, or maybe that should be, what he didn’t want. That would explain the nicely wrapped coffee-maker for the couple who doesn’t even drink tea or the clock that belongs in the child’s bedroom for the couple who doesn’t yet have any children. Don’t forget about the spice racks that everybody seems to forget actually contain spices.

But I’m not going to knock any of the gifts that I have gotten. Even though I didn’t ask for the extra cake dish, it does have a cover that the other one doesn’t. Sometimes people do know what you will actually use, because whenever the power goes off, I remember fondly the person who gifted us with the portable fluorescent lamp. And we actually cooked with the bay leaves from the spice rack.

Some people think that because it takes quite a bit of money to put on a wedding production, it’s only fair that the invited guests bring something in return. So I have used every single wedding present I got, since somebody paid good money for it. That’s how I know that coffee really doesn’t taste as bad as I thought.


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