My Top Six – Pet Peeves

What are some of the things that annoy you? I’m so annoyed that unlike most people who have a top five, I could only narrow mine down to six.

Email forward requests: I generally like to receive emails, but I really dislike having to forward them at the peril of my soul.  I’m particularly annoyed by the ones that try to guilt me into responding by throwing religion into the mix, or assuming that if I don’t forward it, I don’t sufficiently care about the issue at hand. Since I did not receive that windfall of money after I once forwarded an item to ten people (not including the sender), and then five more people within five minutes of receiving said email, I have begun to delete without reading.

People who jump the queue without joining the line: So you’re standing in line to pay a bill or cash a cheque – in other words, waiting your turn, and you see someone sidle up to the person at the head of the line and give that person his bills and cash. So now there are six people in front of you instead of five. If I had known that I could just go to the head of the line, would I be standing here with this (dunce) cap on my head?

Cell phone users who don’t keep their conversations private: The convenience of a cell phone is well known, so much so that a lot of people don’t even have land lines anymore. But there’s no need for me to feel as if I’m part of your conversation too. I’d also appreciate if you didn’t cut me off mid-sentence to answer your phone, and please do what the nice people ask you to do – and turn off your phone when you come to the movies.

Bloggers who only see you as a business opportunity: We all know that most people that blog get a kick out of having somebody read what they write, but I so dislike the trawlers who see new bloggers as fresh meat for a sales pitch. So what if you’re living the life we all want? So what if you’re only working a few hours a day? I don’t want to have to sell anybody on my lifestyle in order to keep living it. I’ll just blog for the fun of it – thank you very much.

Selfies: I understand that we’re a worldwide community of ‘sharers’, but there’s something a little show off-ish about tweeting a picture of yourself, or sending by Instagram or Facebook, a picture that you took of yourself showing your latest outfit, your post baby body or your rock hard abs to people you don’t really know. When did we become so self-obsessed?

People who see your failures but never your triumphs: I’m always amazed at how some acquaintances feel comfortable making negative comments about your weight, which is never even followed by a thoughtful tip. When I was a few pounds heavier, someone was quick to point out that I was “getting fat”. However, as I’ve been successful so far at keeping a few extra pounds off, it doesn’t seem to merit a comment – but thanks for the encouragement.


Am I talking to myself here?

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