Body After Baby

I’m going to have to face facts.

I’m never going to get my body back. After pregnancy. I still have that little cushion of fat where my lower abdominals are supposed to be. I’ve done the ”six week, six pack” a total of six times and it just doesn’t go away. Above it, in my upper abdominals, I can actually see the muscles – if I turn to the side and squint my eyes a little.

I’ve tried the Inferno, the Turbo fire, the belly blaster, the ten minute abs, the cardio sculpt and the minimizer. I’ve tried to walk the weight away, skip it away and jump it off. I’m no fool. I know that these video models are working out on two other videos, taking dance classes, swimming and running track to get those bodies. But I’m too exhausted to do any more after my 30 minutes of abs.

So my problem area is still as pronounced as it ever was. I’ve tried to cut my carbs and increase my vegetables, decrease my sugar intake and embrace more water. I’ve taken the stairs, parked far away from my destination, sucked in my stomach while watching TV, eating and definitely while wearing my favourite dress.

Sometimes I think that I need a really good dose of the flu to take off a couple of extra pounds, but even when that happens, my appetite never misses a meal. I no longer eat after seven in the evening and any hunger pangs are stamped on with, you guessed it, water.

The celebrity-obsessed media is busy saying things like “look at that post-baby body four months after baby!” and bestowing compliments with the phrases, “her body is ‘sick’”, and “her waist is soooo tiny”, making the rest of us feel like we just don’t measure up.

Well this is my body after baby – almost seven years after the last one. It’s not perfect. My problem area is still there. Some items of clothing give me a muffin top. Empire-waisted dresses are my best friend. Jersey fabric is not. Spandex is out and earrings that draw the eye up, are definitely in.

But what I call my problem area, my daughter calls, “nice and squishy”. She likes to rest her head there when we snuggle. She says, it makes the perfect pillow. Now that’s a compliment I’ll gladly accept.


Am I talking to myself here?

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