He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

How do you show your love to those who matter the most to you? How do you let your significant other, for example, know that he means the world to you? If you’re a celebrity or someone of great worth, you know that someone loves you for you when that person is willing to sign a pre-nuptial agreement.

Since most of us bring nothing into our marriages except love, a little baggage and some life insurance, pre-nups are not something most of us even think about – even though signed agreements between married couples, are becoming more popular among regular folks.

And I’m not talking about the toilet seat.

I’ve read of pre-nuptial agreements requiring both spouses to keep a handle on their individual weights, or the wife having to provide a certain number of home-cooked meals or the husband needing to be home by a certain time every night. So you see – it’s not always about the money. It’s really about making sure that you can live happily ever after.

Some people say that behaviour that seemed cute, or eccentric during courtship or even the first few years, may seem like insurmountable annoyances after the seven year mark. Hence the stipulation that a cat lover can have no more than two of them during the course of the marriage – because really. Who wants to be married to the crazy cat lady?

What would I write into my agreement if I was to get married today? Probably that my husband be able to multi-task as well as I do. That our wedding day not be the only day that he’s on time. That he agree to let us disagree. That he stop talking to the other drivers because they can’t hear him – but I can.

But it’s the little things that I didn’t give much thought to that should be there.

Like calling to thank me for making breakfast.

For saying that he appreciates the balance that I bring to some situations where he would likely fly off the handle.

For letting me know what outfits he thinks would look good on me, and for letting me know when I don’t.

For getting emotional when he’s going to be away for awhile.

For complaining about work only a little, but getting on with it anyway.

For being the romantic one in our relationship.

For amazing me with his creativity.

I wouldn’t have known to write any of these things into an agreement, but next time, I most certainly will.


Am I talking to myself here?

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