Come and get it!

I was sent an inspirational quote yesterday, the gist of which was that you never know when you’ll make someone’s day when you purchase a small item from someone seeking to raise funds for someone or something.

While the person was probably referring to bake sales and flea markets, it got me thinking about the job of a salesperson. Some people would say that we’re all salespeople, because don’t we all have to primp, and fuss and make ourselves look presentable before we go out that door to face the world? So that people can like us, and listen to us, and buy whatever we’re selling?

Unfortunately, I’ve never been a good salesperson. I think it takes a certain kind of individual to go out there, to talk, with enthusiasm, about your product for the fifteenth time that day, in the hope that somebody will bite buy. I manage a small retail and service business, and most days I sit back and take the money from the people who walk into the store.

But there are times, and increasingly so now, when I actually have to go out to bring some business in.

So when I’m preparing to visit potential customers, I go through the phone book and my memory, and bone up on my selling spiel. Some dispense with me over the phone. For others, I actually have to go into their offices to be told the bad news.

So having been on the other side of the table, I should probably be a little more understanding when someone wants to sell me that boxed educational DVD set, the ‘free’ membership or the best economic opportunity of my life.

But I think I’ll just buy the cupcakes, the scented candles and the cookies instead.


Am I talking to myself here?

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