Sounds of the Season

Down here, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween (although some people are trying to make it an event), so there aren’t demarcations between those celebrations and Christmas. We do, however, have an Independence holiday on the first day of November – and the day after that, the radio station that I listen to all day began to play Christmas music.

It seems to be getting earlier every year, and I’m wondering if the radio station is in cahoots with the stores in order to get the spending ball rolling, because not long after, I heard an advertisement for a business where I do normally do some Christmas shopping, which let me know that the trees are already in the store.

The best thing about Christmas for me (besides food and family gatherings) is the music. I always clean out the CD storage compartment in my vehicle and put all my Christmas CD’s in there. And putting up the Christmas tree must be accompanied by the sounds of the season.

I remember when I was younger, that the Christmas tree in my house never went up until the night before Christmas. Knowing that some people now do this as soon as December starts, makes me realize that things certainly have changed. My kids wouldn’t be able to stomach that one – not with everybody else’s tree being up and the store windows already dressed.

Any minute now, I’ll be expecting them to ask when the tree will be going up. They’re usually excited when I begin the process, but they quickly lose interest when they remember that it doesn’t come out of the box already decorated.

Of course, they can’t wait to get the new toys to replace the ones they stopped playing with the day after Christmas last year. I may give half an ear to what they’re asking for this year, which is always a result of whatever being advertised on TV, because I was a kid once, too. I remember that back in my day, Christmas meant that there was always a puzzle or paint-by-numbers set – because everything couldn’t be fun.

And speaking of gifts, I remember saving a present or two to be opened on the day after Christmas, because Boxing Day needed some love too. And it had the added benefit of prolonging the bounteous look of the tree. This was a tradition that I carried into my adult life, but my husband never understood that one – especially if his gift was the one that got left back.

So while I love Christmas, the lights, the food and the music, I’d rather ease my way into it. I don’t need to be told – I know it’s coming. Because when it’s over, I’ll still be playing my music in the middle of January, since I’m going to need that push music to help me take down the tree.


One response to “Sounds of the Season

  1. Your blog makes me want to paint by numbers!

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