What I Know Now

This gray hair has got to count for something. Unlike some people who took the express train to premature grayness, I took my time, but now it’s on board and passengers are being added almost  daily. So if I have to wear the badge I had better have something to ‘know’ for it.

What do I know?

That it’s taking decidedly more work to stave off the middle age spread that is attempting to show up before I reach middle age.

That some friends actually treat you better than family, and that some relatives were definitely grafted onto the family tree.

That wearing glasses becomes less about the look and more about being able to see and recognize the silver lining.

That everything does happen for a reason, but sometimes it’s on a need-to-know basis, and I don’t always need to know.

That weddings and funerals, where the central characters look their best, are sometimes the perfect occasions for seeing the rest of us at our worst.

That we can’t all love what we do to make a living, so we should find a space to do what we love to make living better.

That the friends worth keeping are the ones who accept your store bought gifts as graciously as they accept your criticism.

That if more than a few people say the same thing about you, you either need to change what you’re doing or keep doing it.

That tolerance involves knowing that sometimes you have to adjust your bar of acceptance.

That there’s nothing wrong with raising it after you realize that you’ve set the bar too low.

That a soft word does in fact turn away wrath, but if the person can’t hear me I’m going to have to say it again – louder.

That we all say that life is short, until we have to make amends; then, we believe there’s all the time in the world

That putting off for tomorrow is not about procrastination – sometimes I just don’t have the money to do it that day.

That just because my children didn’t ask to come here, doesn’t mean that they should get everything they want.

That if following my instincts sometimes leads me astray it just means I was supposed to go there.

That it’s okay to say “no” if you don’t really want to do something, otherwise, be prepared to explain why it wasn’t well done.

That if somebody really wants my business, I shouldn’t have to look like I’m training for a marathon to give it to them.

That maturity doesn’t have a thing to do with age.


2 responses to “What I Know Now

  1. Very wise words. ~ Dennis

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