I Heard it through the grapevine

I knew it was going to happen. My son likes … a girl. You know – well you may not know, but he’s ten years old. I know I seem a little flustered, but maybe that’s because I’m a little unprepared.

It was just a few weeks ago that I was surprised at his physical growth, so is it any wonder that I’m a bit behind in considering his emotional development? Regarding girls?

I’ve got to tell you too, that he didn’t inform me of his crush. His father was the one who told me. I’m a little surprised that the frequent hugs and kisses that he bestows on me did not segue way into his little secret.

Boys and their mothers? Apparently, this boy and his mother are not that close.

Although his father has brought me into the loop, I’m still feigning ignorance about the particular girl in question. I played the guessing game and hopped over the names of the girls that I know in his class, and when I got to “the one”, he reneged on his promise to confirm, by saying that he wouldn’t admit it while his sister was in the room.

But his smile gave it away.

I know he’s dying to tell me though. He’s informed me that he thinks girls change as they get older. Apparently when they’re younger (say six), they’re open books, and when they’re older (say ten and up), they play it close to the chest. Or is it hard to get? By not telling anybody (meaning boys) who they really like. Do we actually begin that early?

So I asked if boys are in the habit of saying who they like. And he had to admit that they didn’t either.

So on that score, apparently Mars and Venus are perfectly aligned.


One response to “I Heard it through the grapevine

  1. Awww…first crush!! That is so cute.

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