Crazy in Love

Do you all remember that Diana Ross song from the 80’s entitled “Upside Down”? I was passing a neighbourhood bar and restaurant the other day, and that song was blasting out of the speakers. It brought back memories, and I remember quite well an album cover that featured the singer with her signature flowing hair and red lips.

Now I’ve heard this song multiple times, and sung along to the lyrics just as often, so it surprised me that this time I was struck by the lines, “Respectfully I say to thee/I’m aware that you’re cheating/But no one makes me feel like you do”.

Which told me that in spite of the disrespect, this woman was planning on sticking around.

It’s amazing how you don’t really pay attention to the words when it’s accompanied by a catchy beat. And back then, as a teenager, when this song was popular, I was more concerned about endless love – unfaithfulness never entered my mind.

Some people try to explain tolerating infidelity by saying that the heart wants what it wants. I suppose that’s what Ms. Ross meant when she sang, “There’s a place in my heart for you/That’s the bottom line”, just after she had finished admitting to knowing that her loved one was playing around.

But this guy had charm and great appeal, and used it to his own advantage. He also, she says, instinctively gave to her, the love that she needed. More than likely though, what he instinctively knew, was to tell her what she wanted to hear.

In Beyonce’s 2003 hit, Crazy in Love, she blamed her inability to fight her feelings, on the fact that her pride wasn’t doing its job. Because not even she could understand “just how [his] love can do what no one else can”.

I don’t think she was in competition with anyone else, but maybe the fact that she’s admitted to begging the fellow not to go and calling his name “several times in a row”, should give us some indication of how serious this thing called love is.

But when we put up with certain things that hurt us, we shouldn’t call it love. We should really call it what it is. Crazy.

One response to “Crazy in Love

  1. Wow. I’m not familiar with that Diana Ros song, but crazy to think of writing a song about staying with a guy even though you know he’s cheating. But… a lot of women do.

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