Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That – Movie Review

Last weekend, on a double-date night, I saw the movie “Homefront” starring Jason Stratham. Since my husband has no problem accompanying me to romantic comedies and “serious” movies, I figured that the least I could do was to take one for the team and go see one of the types of movies that he prefers. But I ended up liking this movie – and it wasn’t because of the actor’s good looks.

I’m not much of a fan of action movies, but I’ll take them over horror films any day. I always say that if the action gets too gruesome I can always look away. And I’ve been known to use the cover of a dark movie theatre to catch up on my beauty sleep.

Now I’ve seen a few of Statham’s movies before, but after Googling him, I realize that he has been in a ton of movies and I haven’t seen half of them. Which may not matter, because the formulas all seem pretty much the same. With the exception of maybe, the “Fast and Furious” franchise movies, he’s the hero who uses a little wit and a lot of brawn to defeat the bad guys.

And this winning combination always tends to mean that there is a female love interest who is sometimes in jeopardy, and sometimes not, but who exists to show the tender side of our hard-as-nails hero. Or the filmmaker is trying to appease the females who come along for the ride.

Since a lot of action movies ask you to suspend belief for two hours while the good guy does the impossible and gets himself out of numerous jams that would kill the rest of us, I appreciated the movie’s attempt to give a dose of reality.

Because while the possibility did exist for Stratham’s character to knock some boots, egged on by his daughter, the fact that he was a single father, appeared to take precedence. I’m sure it would have been nice for him to get to know the female school psychologist a little better, but I, for one, appreciated his restraint.

The reviews for “Homefront” weren’t that great. It was probably too predictable for most. And I’ve already said that it didn’t have the obligatory love scenes. But sometimes when you have kids – as Sweet Brown of internet meme fame will tell you – “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.


Am I talking to myself here?

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