The Best Man Holiday – Movie Review

Someone who saw “The Best Man Holiday” before me remarked that the subject matter was a bit dark for a Christmas movie. Luckily I didn’t hear that comment before I saw it, because it’s true. It was billed as a comedy-drama, but now I know why the cast members wanted to give nothing away.

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With all the lavish decorations and the joy at seeing the reunited cast, it was a while before I realized where this whole thing was going – even though the character who dies at the end of the movie didn’t really look too healthy at the start. She is the one who’s instrumental in getting all the friends together for what we realize will be her last time with them. And some fractured relationships are mended too.

As with many movies, there are improbable moments or things that you and I wouldn’t do, but I guess they’re there to move the plot along. Here are the ones I’m highlighting.

1. Taye Diggs’ character ain’t learned nothing these many years later. How does he manage to get caught with incriminating evidence relating to the friend with whom he has a strained relationship? How does he manage to leave said evidence in the same friend’s car in an open bag ready to spill its contents?

2. Tell me which woman you know is going to let some football player who’s skilled at making touchdowns, put his unwashed arm up her cervix and risk introducing an  infection – for her and her child? And we’re supposed to believe that because he didn’t pass out during the delivery of his own children, he can be talked through the process by a doctor on the phone.

3. How is it that the wife always manages to come upon her husband just as he’s comforting his former girlfriend? And he says it’s not what it looks like – although it very much looks like what it looks like. But maybe that’s just her feeling insecure.

4. Which woman do you know that is not only going to be okay with her husband remarrying after she’s gone, but is so involved that she can say who it shouldn’t be?

5. And tell me. If you’re trying to keep your illness secret, would you be sitting on your living room floor coughing up blood in the washcloth that you’re conveniently carrying around?

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Despite these, however, I enjoyed the movie. It was beautifully filmed and the many women in the cast meant that I had my fill of fashionable clothing. There was a section with a number of gratuitous curse words, which means that I won’t be able to take my mother to see this movie without having a strategically placed coughing fit.

But Terrence Howard’s character has to have the last say, when he proclaims that he’s giving up the bachelor life for marriage. To whom, we’re not sure.

Let’s hope they don’t take too long to make the sequel this time. We aren’t getting any younger.

Am I talking to myself here?

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