Baby Steps

The question du jour for the last few months had taken a back seat to more pressing concerns – namely what new toys he would be getting for Christmas. But now that’s over with, my son is back to inquiring about the possibility of getting a phone.

Because you see, his cousin who’s only a year older than he is has a phone. And everybody – and he assures me, everybody – in his class has one too. His father and I want to know who exactly he planned on calling on said phone ‘cause we were both sitting right there.

Although his father jokes that he can get one when he turns 18, I know that we’ll actually have to give in a bit earlier than that. I want to think that I’m a conservative parent – but not so old fashioned that I don’t recognize that we all need to keep up with the times.

We had this conversation in a restaurant, and I sat across from a group of people at another table. They ordered drinks, and in between checking their phones, they would take a sip from their glasses and maybe say a few words to each other.

It never ceases to amaze me that surfing, messaging and posting is always more interesting than carrying on an actual conversation with the persons in our company. And multi-tasking takes a back seat as documenting our lives for others to see becomes our primary focus.

Is this what my son thinks he’s missing out on? Because as we told him already – we’re sitting right here.

But just so that we’re not considered unfair and unreasonable parents, we struck a deal with him, and told him that if he can improve on his face-to-face interactions then we would consider getting him the item.

No easy task for a boy who seems only to be getting shyer the older he gets. However, it proved to be quite a motivator. After several, and I mean innumerable times before he could even ask the server for a napkin, he bounded up to ask her for the check – nearly tripping her up in the process.

Maybe we should have let him pay the bill too.


Am I talking to myself here?

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