Role Play

I agree with blogger Fanny P that it’s a little unbecoming for mothers, even mothers who sing and dance for a living, to be rump-shaking on TV. What the blogger really did in her post was to repeat a statement made by President Barack Obama, when he referred to Beyonce as being a good role model for his girls. But what’s acceptable depends on which way the pendulum is swinging.

And right now, it’s all the way over on the side of “anything goes”.

Dancing while she sings is something that the pop star does whenever she performs, and her presentation at the 2014 Grammy awards show was eagerly anticipated. Throw in the fact that her rapper husband would also join her on stage, and the organizers of the show were guaranteed millions of viewers.

I was one of them. I saw her come out in silhouette, giving the impression that she had just left the shower. In the course of the performance, she crawled on the floor, straddled a chair, gyrated suggestively and, as previously said, shook her rump. In my face.

At some points, the broadcasters had to ‘bleep’ out what seemed to me, wide swaths of the song – obviously the areas that contained some profanity. I haven’t listened to the track, which comes from her new “surprise” album so I couldn’t say just what I was missing. But I’m wondering if the song lost any of its flavour because of it.

The audience members were beside themselves when her husband graced the stage. Fully clad in a suit, his attire was more formal than his wife’s own, and his biggest move was one that simulated riding on a surfboard. Can’t tell you what he sang or what he said because I didn’t know that song either. Was it his song? Beyonce’s song? A mash-up of the two?

However, it is nice to see a couple work (the stage) together. And being in the same business they would both understand the need to stay relevant. That’s why it sometimes pays to do the kinds of things that have people talking about you several days later.

I’m not judging anyone and I have the same opinion as those persons who say that celebrities are the last people you should look to as role models for your children. And I know that most personalities will tell you that what they do on stage is all about performing – in other words, they’re just playing a role.

I’ll agree with one presenter who declared that the husband and wife duo “killed it” on stage – if by “it”, he meant, “good taste”.


Am I talking to myself here?

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