Look at Me!

Who needs a mirror when we have selfies? Because the only reflection that counts nowadays is the one we see when others view our pictures on Facebook, Instagram and newer photo based sites such as snapchat or the iphone app “selfie.im”.

I’m taking this one with a grain of salt, but a study undertaken by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, says that some plastic surgeons are reporting that more people are wanting to undergo the procedures because for some, their self portraits are causing them to take a more critical look at themselves.

And seemingly, some of them aren’t liking what they see.

I’ve never been a fan of the “selfie”, since I consider it just a visual version of Facebook’s “look at me” status updates. And even though, somewhere on the web there’s probably a place that instructs you on how to take the perfect selfie, it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick for some people.

But I think we need to cut ourselves some slack. We are our own worst critics, so it’s very likely that we don’t look half as bad as we think we do. However, if we’re concerned about the numbers game, it can seriously wreck our self-esteem.

I always tell my husband that even though the experts tell us that women dress to attract or impress the opposite sex or even to impress each other, I actually dress to please myself, so that if I ain’t happy with the way I look, I ain’t leaving the house. I don’t care how hot off the runway it is.

But social media is a whole other animal, so as long as you can afford it, I suppose surgery is a viable option to fix what you think is wrong with you.

If you’re shallow like that.

For the rest of us, who need our money for more important things – we’ll just have to turn off that “like” button.


2 responses to “Look at Me!

  1. love this post! And I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t take selfies very often, unless it’s a selfie with my husband or sisters. And I’m trying very hard not to fall into that trap of over analysing my features and how I can ‘enhance’ my appearance. we’re all born perfect & beautiful… and shouldn’t allow the media to make us think otherwise.

  2. Easy for you to say. I’m seeing that profile picture lol. But seriously, if I’m going so far as to consider plastic surgery I think I should probably take a few make-up classes and learn how to contour and highlight first.
    Thanks for the follow. I’ll be visiting you as well.

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