The Pursuit of “Power” – A Movie Review

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In “The Amazing Spiderman 2”, the guy who no one pays any attention to, the one who no one considers, is allowed to get his own back.

How many of us wish that we had the power to wreck selective havoc on all those people who piss us off?

If I was to acquire a superpower, it wouldn’t be electrical power like Max, because I’ve been “shocked” before and I didn’t like it. It wouldn’t be flying, scaling or leaping over buildings in single bounds either because I’m afraid of heights.

I’d take invisibility. Now technically I suppose that it’s not a “power’, but the ability to render myself impalpable would afford me the anonymity that would be necessary to achieve that little thing called payback.

Besides, since most superheroes wear some kind of mask to hide their identities anyway, I’m just taking it a step further.

Talk about not being accountable.

That fender bender you got into with that car that seemingly came out of nowhere after you cussed me out a few yards back? Oops, that was me.

And as a clueless cell phone user, you may be wondering just how that device got lassoed right out of your hand. Oh my. That was me.

I’ll say this though. If like me, Max had seen fit to settle his scores individually and on a one-on-one basis he would probably have lived to fight another day.

Why didn’t he go looking for that nasty co-worker who never had anything nice to say? What about finding the worker who abdicated his responsibility, causing him to risk his life and end up in that tank that changed his molecular structure forever – and on his birthday at that?

I’m pretty sure that there were tons of other personal scores he could have settled, but he just had to go and show that he was large and in charge. I was rooting for the underdog that he was, but not for the overachiever that he became.

But that’s what happens when some people get power and don’t know how to handle it.

They get the notoriety and the accompanying benefits, and everybody else gets to pay for it.

2 responses to “The Pursuit of “Power” – A Movie Review

  1. I WISH I had a superpower. I honestly don’t know which I’d pick if I had the choice. Invisibility would be really cool. Or maybe the ability to teleport-except maybe that’s not a super power type of power??

  2. It’s fun to wish. And fun to decide what would make us feel powerful.

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