“News You Can’t Possibly Use” – Where I’m from it’s called Big-Boned

Image credit: designapplause.com

Image credit: designapplause.com

Most of us live in image-conscious societies and currently, “thin is in”. Well actually, it’s been “in” for a consecutive number of years.


Down here, some men will tell you that they like a little meat on the bones, and my more generously endowed sisters will get their share of catcalls and whistles – which when I was younger I considered a compliment, but at this age, I consider an annoyance. (I prefer to be called by my name, thank you very much).


Anyway, I was on my way to making the point that although most societies are focused on praising the leaner ones among us, I make a point never to say anything mean or derogatory about larger folks – especially in front of my children. When they express alarm at “getting fat”, I don’t drive the fear of God into them but I tell them what I’m supposed to tell them which is that looks aren’t everything – but please remember to comb your hair.


Even though I’ve never been overweight myself, I have at times been a little heavier than I’ve wanted to be and I know that it’s not easy to lose those last five or thirty pounds. Besides which, I always consider myself two Snickers bars away from “fluffy”, so I don’t judge.


But a Japanese clothing company isn’t quite as accommodating. It’s doing away with the label sizes that we’re accustomed to seeing – you know, small medium and large – and is replacing them with tags that say titch, skinny, fat and jumbo.


What? “Plus size” and “Full-figured” not descriptive enough anymore?


Now I have a little anxiety whenever I discover during a shopping trip that I’ve moved up a size from the last time. So can you imagine if a week of poor dietary choices causes my waist to expand enough to move me from skinny to fat? Or if I couple that with no exercise for two weeks and end up getting bumped from fat to jumbo?


Talk about an incentive to lose some weight – or slit my wrists.


However, this company’s new marketing strategy may be a direct result of Japanese lawmakers setting limits on waist sizes, and citizens being required to have health counseling if there’s some spillage over the belt. Yeah, I didn’t believe it when I read it either. 


It probably works out to be a good preventative measure though, because while at some point all of us may know that we could stand to lose a few pounds, none of us is going to pick up that dress if the label says “fat”.


Image credit: jantoo.com

Image credit: jantoo.com

Now if it said “big-boned” that would be a whole other story.



One response to ““News You Can’t Possibly Use” – Where I’m from it’s called Big-Boned

  1. thetimeinbetween1

    Nice post. I am definitely big boned. 🙂 I am a teen and I just published a post a little like this. Why does society think that size equals worth? And why are teens in particular given such a hard time about it?

    If you want to check it out…http://thetimeinbetween1.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/size-4-a-peek-inside-a-teen-girls-brain-about-the-american-size-equals-worth-system/ Thanks!

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