“News You Can’t Possibly Use” – No, we are not related

Not me and my sister Image credit: saltlakemagazine.com

Not me and my sister
Image credit: saltlakemagazine.com

I can’t tell you how many times somebody has looked at me and asked – are you related to so-and-so? When I respond in the negative, the person invariably says, “Well, look how some people can look alike”, and I agree, but sometimes I don’t know what the heck they’re looking at.

That’s what I also think when some people ask whether my sister and I are twins. There’s a five year difference between us, and though I will admit that there is a resemblance (because we are siblings after all), I don’t get how they come to the conclusion that we are not fraternal – but identical twins.

Could it possibly be because we have the same eye colour? How about the fact that we are both tall and ( I wish), impossibly thin? Maybe it’s the fact that we have the same parents? Or the fact that we like many of the same foods?

But coming from the same household doesn’t mean that we’re one and the same, and some things are definitely not interchangeable.

In a recent case of mistaken identity, most commonly known as “they all look alike to me”, a British company that was contracted to print memorabilia for the 2014 World Cup, wasn’t able to tell the difference between a British soccer player participating in the matches and the president of the United States.

By the time the error was discovered, some 2,000 cups with Barack Obama’s face had already come off the assembly line.

Image credit: cartoonstock.com

Image credit: cartoonstock.com

The soccer player in question was Chris Smalling who is a defender for England’s national soccer team, and yes he is a black man. I have seen one or two people who can possibly play Mr. Obama in a yet-to-be-produced movie, but I have to say that Mr. Smalling isn’t one of them. But maybe they saw something I didn’t.

Anyway since, as we say locally, every spoil is a style, there is a wholesale clearance company that is trying to make a killing on the souvenir company’s mistake by selling the mugs for the affordable price of just over three thousand US dollars.  Which I hope is the amount for the whole lot, because even though it makes for a good story, a mug is still just a receptacle for tea.


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