What’s Not To “Like”?

It’s amazing the things that people can make money from these days. This one is several years old now but who would have thought that you could have made a legitimate business out of selling people “followers” and “likes”?

My mother would call that buying friends but I think it’s really about influencing people, because you’re not really paying for people to like you – but rather to just stand around and look interested.

Image credit: engagementillinois.edu

Image credit: engagementillinois.edu

The real object though, is to get as many followers and “likes” for your Facebook page, your Instagram or Twitter accounts (and all the other numerous look-at-me sites),  in an attempt to compete in the biggest popularity contest that we’ve been in since we left high school.

Admittedly, a lot of people want to increase their number of followers to attract business, make money or sell their own products, but I know some people look at the numbers to determine just how many people they’ll get to show off to today.

“Likes” on the other hand are mostly used if the viewer doesn’t have the time to say anything meaningful, because he’s got to catch up with all the other people he’s following too. Giving a “like” is also an efficient way of saying that you came, you saw and it was a’right.

But the fondness for using “likes” for social media accounts got me to thinking about what else could benefit from this idea. Similar to raising a paddle at an auction, one could indicate one’s satisfaction or lack thereof with just about anything.

Did you enjoying seeing that pretty woman walking down the street? Instead of the usual catcall, whistle or annoying “pssst”, go ahead and give her a like to indicate that you appreciate what she’s working with.

Image credit: ak7.picdn.net

Image credit: ak7.picdn.net

What about the guy who has clearly been working out and is not afraid to show it – in that webby netty thing he’s calling a shirt? Okay, go ahead and give him a like but accompany it with a warning because we don’t really like those shirts.

On the other hand, if you see that girl in the too-tight dress that is giving her curves in all the wrong places, or the guy who doesn’t realize that width does not equal muscle, do like you would on social media – laugh and point, then pretend that you never even saw them.

Is your daughter doing that thing you told her a million times not to do but she still insists on doing anyway? Just stand there and give her “the look”, from which she will rightly deduce that she won’t be getting any likes for that one.

Had a good customer service experience when you were perfectly prepared to suffer through a miserable transaction? That deserves two likes, but don’t worry about wasting them at that establishment because it’s guaranteed that you won’t be using them there again.

Image credit: blog.perspectivesltd.com

Image credit: blog.perspectivesltd.com

Did you totally agree with all that the preacher had to say or did you feel that he or she wasn’t really speaking to you that day? Give a very enthusiastic like if it’s the former and just pretend to like it if it’s the latter – because sometimes you just have to give some people a pass. Look at who they’re representing?

Besides, a little like never hurt anybody.


2 responses to “What’s Not To “Like”?

  1. Most often, it’s movie stars and sports superstars who have a very high social value. A short-cut to assuming the persona of someone with a high social value is to simply pretend that you’re James Bond, Angelina Jolie or the hottest football, baseball or basketball star at the moment. Silly as it may sound, doing this gets your brain into the right mode to make you aware of how you behave differently than normal. It can be useful for being more conscious of your behavior. However, you need to have a deeper understanding of social value to be able to implement it as a permanent part of your personality. High social value is most often attractive, but not always. In this text, I will explain why …
    If you would like to read more about high social value, you can access to my blog on: http://worldofinnovations.net/2014/06/28/4-secrets-of-people-with-high-social-value/

    • My post was written completely in jest, but I read your post and what you say makes sense.
      The people who endeavour to have followers in the six-digits seem to be striving to celebrity status but not necessarily leadership status as you define it.
      Unfortunately though, when these leaders (celebrities) are criticized via social media, some aren’t exactly non-reactive.
      Thanks for reading.

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