How to Ruin Wedding Plans with a Napoleon Complex – A Movie Review

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Some things should really be left alone. I’m referring to movies that enjoyed so much success the first time that a decision is made to repeat the formula – but it doesn’t always work as well the second time around.

But maybe that’s what happens when the movie doesn’t really have a reason to “be”. At least not under that title.

Unlike movies based on superheroes, book sequences and the ones that set you up for the sequel before the movie even ends, I must admit that I didn’t see this one coming. I never expected to be sitting in the movie theatre being schooled by Steve Harvey once again.

To tell the truth, the buzz about the movie “Think Like A Man Too” had been going on for so long that I thought I had missed it. Clearly, I was mixing it up with something else.

But did Kevin Hart’s character (Cedric) have to be so annoying? With his usual Napoleon syndrome antics on display, he succeeds in derailing the couple’s best-laid wedding plans. Meanwhile I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling of deja vu.

(If he’s not careful, Hart might find himself being typecast as the petulant man-child with the overwhelming need to overcompensate for his lack of height).

Hart’s comedic talents are what carried the movie to its inevitable conclusion – but only after his scheme that landed the entire entourage in jail unfolded, (he was really reaching in the earlier scenes) – because up to that point the movie was just a series of disjointed scenes following one after the other.

It wasn’t any different from your average movie about a couple of guys and girls going to Vegas for a wedding weekend, and it was about as interesting as the tea party that Ms. Loretta forced the bridesmaids to sit through.

Happily, none of the funny had anything to do with bathroom humour and Hart was in his element in the jailhouse scenes. But who sleeps until broad morning when it becomes clear that the reason you made the trip to Vegas looks like it’s not even going to happen? Because you’re in jail.

Incidentally, if I was Sonia, played by La La Anthony, I would quit liming with these girls because everybody is paired up, except her. And she ends up in jail.

Eventually, the wedding takes place and the relationships of all the couples seem to get on firmer footing. Another couple gets engaged at the end of it all, leading me to wonder where that wedding will take place. But it’s okay if they don’t issue me an invitation – because Kevin Hart or no – I’ll be sending my regrets for that one.

Am I talking to myself here?

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