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“News You Can’t Possibly Use” – It’s Not That Serious

Image credit: static.tumblr.com

Image credit: static.tumblr.com

I think you all know that I love animation, and having children is a good excuse to see almost all of the movies that employ it. But I haven’t seen “Frozen” yet, despite it having been out of the cinemas for months now and actually having the DVD at home.


But I’m going to have to see what the fuss is all about, because for two consecutive days it has popped up in things I’ve been reading about.


The first report had to do with the fact that the movie is deemed to be the fifth highest grossing film of all time, with box office earnings of US1.2 million dollars. As with most things Disney, the fun for the people making the money doesn’t stop there, because merchandising all the movie-related paraphernalia keeps the cash registers ringing.


I was surprised to hear that these items are still in high demand months after the movie came out, but I shouldn’t be surprised because while off-island a few months ago, I went searching for the Elsa doll for a niece of mine.


The section for the merchandise, while clearly marked, was also clearly empty, and I had to resort to the God-awful Monster High dolls instead. Chalk to cheese – but that’s another story.


While I’m happy not to be one of the parents who gets caught up in the “Frozen” frenzy, like calling multiple stores to inquire about availability, booking themed cruises, or spending hours in line at Disney Parks (like I could do that from where I am anyway), I can understand that children can become fascinated with the characters.


What I don’t understand is being so enamored with the story as an adult that you have a falling out with anyone who isn’t similarly captivated by the tale. And by “falling out” I mean kicking that person to the curb.


I know that sometimes you are surprised to know how some people really feel about an issue and you may decide to never broach that particular subject again, or you may tuck it into the back of your head for future reference, or just agree to disagree.


But a woman from Japan decided that divorce was the only option she could pursue when her husband told her that he thought that “Frozen” was “an OK movie”, but he didn’t care for it personally.


He seemed willing to have a conversation about what made the movie good in her opinion, but she apparently didn’t want to entertain any discussion with the failed human being that he had become.


People are wondering whether his perfectly acceptable difference of opinion is not being used as an excuse to end a marriage that she wants to get out of. The husband says that prior to this disagreement, it had been relatively smooth sailing.


Guess he didn’t know her as well as he thought he did.


So he’s been advised to hire a private detective. Others tell him to just sign the papers and run.


I don’t really know what I would tell him, but I know that this story is the perfect start for stories that are news that you can’t possibly use.

They Did Survive – A Movie Review

Image credit: BlogSpot.com

Image credit: BlogSpot.com

I love me some animation!


Sloths that rap, an aria-singing frog and capybara’s shaking what their mommas gave them. Birds that have ipods, GPS’s, fanny packs and other trappings of modern society, juxtaposed with life in the jungle. “Survivor Amazon” anyone?


One of the best things about having kids or hanging out with them is going to movies made especially for them. But who am I kidding? Even though the movies are made for their viewing pleasure, there’s a whole lot of stuff thrown in that little Timmy won’t begin to get.


And I’m not the only one who thinks so. I ran into a couple getting popcorn and drinks for the movie. I looked around for their little one and didn’t see him anywhere. The mother unashamedly admitted that she had come (sans child) to see how the story continued. I’m sure though, that she would eventually bring her son – that way she would see all the references she would have missed the first time.


I’m so glad that “Rio 2” came out when it did, so that it could totally eclipse my children’s desire to see the new Muppets movie, because I couldn’t psyche myself up for that one – I just couldn’t. I think the humans in that movie slow it down, but the animals in “Rio 2” ran away with this movie.


Can you get any funnier than realizing what we must look like to them when we do the funky chicken? Can you get any more dramatic than a soliloquy from Hamlet – skull included?


So “Rio 2” didn’t disappoint me. Although I enjoyed the opening number in the original movie better, the music throughout was fantastic. The Latin rhythms mixed in with some rap, operatic music and some good old R&B kept me tapping my feet.


Other things had me laughing out loud. Like a “Flashdance” movie throwback. Yes, you know the scene. But just imagine it being done by a male cockatoo that can’t fly. It was this bird too, who cleaned up at the Carnivale auditions with his rendition of Gloria Gaynors’ 70’s hit, “I will Survive”.


The movie also gave a nod to the upcoming FIFA World Cup that will take place in Brazil this year. However these birds weren’t playing for a title but for food – Brazil nuts to be exact, so their very lives depended on winning this game.


Which spoke to the underlying theme of the movie – survival.


Blu and his family make the trek to the Amazon when they realize that other blue macaws like them may still exist. His wife Jewel finds her entire family, but their existence is threatened by a logging company personified by a lollipop-sucking magnate who lamented that even with hired goons, he still had to do everything himself.


But even after the birds succeed in fighting off the pesky humans, Blu ends up in the fight for his life because some people, or should I say some fowls, can really hold a grudge.


There are lots of messages, some irony and tons of good feeling in this movie. Some call it overloaded – like that’s a bad thing. It just means I’ll have to see it a couple more times to really appreciate all the things they stuffed into this movie.