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You Can’t Say That!

Image credit: i95.photobucket.com

Image credit: i95.photobucket.com

The USA has many things I admire, but the constant need to be politically correct is not one of them.


For a country where free speech is considered an important hallmark, it’s funny that increasingly now, a lot of people have to be careful about what comes out of their mouths.


Not that there’s anything wrong with being cautious about your speech, because we all remember what our mothers told us, but this relentless requirement to protect everyone’s feelings must be extremely exhausting.


Careful what you say about black people, gay people, Latinos, Asians, dog owners, cat people, autistic children, people with disabilities, and people who drive on the left side of the road.


Mind you don’t upset white people, vegetarians, immigrants, Italians, Poles, hamsters, tattoo wearers and people who only listen to jazz music.


My eldest child is now at the age where I have to inform him that things in life aren’t always going to be fair and that not everybody in life is going to like him.


So I never understand when some people get upset whenever they hear that somebody isn’t fond of them because they’re black or gay or have a penchant for meat.


As if they didn’t already know it. As if they hadn’t already heard somebody express their dislike of them, or what they do, before.


Just allow a private conversation to be heard outside the bedroom. The person who spoke his mind when he didn’t think that you would hear him can be kicked out of an organization because he shouldn’t ever think, let alone say what he really feels.


Let slip a name, or a word that brings back uncomfortable memories of the past for someone else. You can lose your job and your endorsements because in private, you used an expression which others use, but didn’t know that you couldn’t use because you aren’t one of those people.


Say publicly, that because of your beliefs you don’t agree with somebody else’s lifestyle. You will incur the wrath of all those who believe that you don’t have a right to say what it is you disagree with unless it’s the same thing that they disagree with.


Get arrested for a misdemeanor; couple that with a few drinks which loosen your tongue and cause you to say what you really think about the members of a certain ethnic group. That will be the quickest way to become a persona non grata in your chosen field of endeavour.


What follows is everyone jumping on the PC bandwagon expressing dismay that someone would actually have something not-so-nice to say about gay people, cat lovers, meat eaters and people of a different race. Because the rest of us would never do that.


So it seems that the correct way to co-exist with your fellow man (or woman), is to smile and nod and say nothing that can be deemed even the slightest bit offensive.


Because you just can’t say that.