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This Girl Gone Crazy – A Movie Review

The local saying, “See me and live with me” takes on new meaning in the movie “Gone Girl”.

Image credit: indiewire.com

Image credit: indiewire.com

Usually meaning that it’s after you move in with somebody that you get to see the true person – in this movie, it was after she “went missing”, that the husband (played by Ben Affeck), saw who he had really been sleeping with. He was no innocent by any means, and he deserves his own set of blows – a couple of them for stupidity alone, but luckily he knew her well enough to know which weakness he could exploit.

Most relationships aren’t perfect, but you have to really not like the person you’re living with to want to frame them for your murder which (at first) you have every intention of carrying out by yourself. But as the wife (played by Rosamund Pike), later realizes – him in jail, and her at the bottom of the river meant that she wouldn’t actually get to enjoy the fruits of her labour.

Labour that included taking the time to painstakingly write several journal entries, partly burn the book, hide it in an oven and write a cryptic clue to lead someone to it. Work that meant befriending someone who she ordinarily wouldn’t give the time of day to, revealing to that person her innermost secrets knowing that they would be revealed to others when the time was exactly right.

Who wants to spend an inordinate amount of time and money online to purchase items that you neither want nor need, but must have in order to make the point about somebody else’s unhealthy spending habits? Who would actually want to drive that compact car she bought in her attempt to get away from it all while trying not to stand out? Which woman do you know wants to deliberately put on weight unless she doesn’t want unwarranted attention?

But you have to like how she thinks on her feet. When the people in the motel steal her money, she has to find a way to live without it. An old boyfriend who still holds a torch for her is the perfect resource – and when it turns out that he’s made a success of his life, well, that makes it even better.

When the CCTV system that monitors all movements in and out of his house means that she won’t be able to claim an intruder got in to kill him, she decides to use the cameras to her advantage and pretend that she can’t get out.

In the end, the husband saw what she was and still decided to live with her. My movie mates thinks this means that a sequel is in the works, because surely he must have something else up his sleeve.

Image credit: apnatimepass.com

Image credit: apnatimepass.com

Now I don’t like calling people names, like “fooley”, because even someone like that can see that she (still) has something up hers.